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1. ref:3954

flat For sale 1146 Budapest Thököly út

Budapest, XIV.district, on the section between András Cházár street and Stefánia road, in a 2-storey condominium built in 1892 in average condition,it has 11 apartment, without an elevator, on the first floor of a 141 sqm double comfort 4-room, + wardrobe balcony, floating in the light, to be renovated is for sale. It can be galleryed thanks to its 3.7 m ceiling height. Heating in 2 rooms Hera gas heating, the other rooms have central heating, which was designed 2 years ago, so that it can be further expanded. All radiators are new and adjustable. The apartment has a 30sqm cellar compartment, now it will be concreted. The house is under constant maintenance, the electricity and gas pipeline have been completely replaced, and the renovation of the yard will begin in the near future. The property is registered at Thököly road, building B, so the noise of the busy street is not heard at all, the windows face the Récsei Center. It is characterized by a quiet environment, yet excellent infrastructure, you can easily get to any part of the city by car and the numerous bus services or tram 1 on Thököly road. For those who want to relax, the City Park is approx. It is a 5-minute walk away, where there is still a lot of development going on, but for those who like football or concerts, the renovated Ferenc Puskás Stadium is also within walking distance. After the renovation of the apartment, it can be a comfortable home for a larger family, it can be converted into a great office, but it is also suitable for offices, surgeries and investments due to its location in the city. For those who value silence and love the tranquility and museum environment of the City Park, but it would also be a great choice to stay close to the bustling city center! Common cost: 42.864 HUF, there is a water meter. Gas flat fee is 13.000HUF, the flat fee for electricity is currently 9.000HUF. The property is unencumbered and can be occupied within a short time if necessary. Target price:89.900.000HUF Information:+36703845282
2. ref:6593

flat For sale 1085 Budapest József körút

For Sale! 101 sqm PROPERTY THAT CAN BE CONVERTED INTO TWO APARTMENTS. Budapest 8 district József körút. The building has 3 floor and without elevator. The apartment there is on 2nd floor and need to be renovation. The rooms are spacious, bright, face the street and the courtyard, and open separately and into each other. The kitchen has a window and overlooks the courtyard. Heating is central in the house. The apartment requires renovation, during which an apartment with 2 entrances can be created, one of 56 and one of 45 square meters, but thanks to its 3.9 m interior height, a gallery can also be built. Ideal for home, office, clinic, but also for investors due to its central location, it is perfect for both short and long-term investment. The common cost is 47,000 huf which includes water consumption and the flat rate heating. There are countless shops, restaurants, cafes on the boulevard, and the 4-6 tram, which runs day and night, and the 3-4 metro are nearby. Price: 69.900.000HUf Phone: +36 70 384 5302
3. ref:6595

flat For sale 1048 Budapest Külső Szilágyi út

For Sale in the green area of Újpest, in the popular part of Káposztámegyer 2, near Farkaserdő, a wonderfully beautiful, completely and meticulously renovated apartment!There are apartments where you enter and instinctively feel that you have arrived home. This is such an apartment! In a 10 floors house, on 1st floor, 73 sqm, 2,5 rooms flat. The apartment has a spacious hall with a dining room and an open kitchen, which is equipped with quality built-in furniture and appliances, where cooking can be an experience. The dining area is suitable for enjoying family lunches or good conversations with friends. The living room facing the street is spacious and bright thanks to the windows located in the circle and 2 pcs. It has a FRENCH BALCONY. The larger bedroom also has a French balcony and overlooks the street, as does the smaller bedroom. There is a comfortably sized, renovated bathroom with shower, toilet with separate hand basin. Practical built-in wardrobes help to keep order in the hall. The warmth of the home is provided by comfortable district heating equipped with a unique meter, and air conditioning equipment provides a pleasant feeling of warmth in the summer. In recent years, the property has been constantly renovated technically and aesthetically, high-quality heat and sound-insulated windows and doors have been installed, electrical cables have been replaced, and energy-saving light bulbs have been installed under the false ceiling... Perhaps this has made it an apartment with a really special atmosphere, where it is good to come home to after a tiring day. Forget what you thought about panel apartments... There is nothing ordinary about this apartment. It is in a very good location, because it is surrounded by forests and streams, where you can take pleasant walks, do sports, or go cycling. The neighborhood is typically in a green zone, close to nature, like the Wolf Forest, with its wonderful fauna, a great place for a picnic, but Aquaworld is there for those who like the adventure pool. Public transport is excellent: There are several bus and tram stops nearby, tram 14 - Újpest Központ metro station 10 minutes, bus 20E - Hősök tere, Keleti railway station half an hour, By bus 126, the Auchan department store and other large shopping places are about a quarter of an hour away. The Danube bank, the Megyeri bridge, the M0 and M3 motorways are 5-10 minutes away by car... Price: 55.900.000HUF Phone: +36703845302
4. ref:6564

flat For sale 1042 Budapest Árpád út

Budapest,IV.district,on Árpád road, there is a 53 sqm, 2 + 1 half-room, well-distributed (separate rooms), balcony, sunny, high-floor, quiet apartment for sale. The property has two fronts. Its living room and balcony face south-east to the park, while its two smaller rooms face the street. Each room opens separately, so it's a really good option to rent. Thanks to its high floor, it is not only quiet and sunny, but also the partitions separating the interior are easier to move / dismantle. All doors and windows in the apartment have been replaced with plastic doors and windows. In addition, the living room received an air conditioner last year, which will not allow the apartment to overheat in the summer. The heating is district heating with meters, also with replaced, space-saving plate radiators. The heating flat rate is currently 9.300HUF/month. The common cost: 16.000HUF The transport is excellent, the 104/196/204 bus service stops in front of the house, the metro is 5 minutes away and the city center is 25 minutes away by public transport. Due to its great location and distribution, it is an ideal option for renting, and for anyone who wants a sunny, quiet, well-located and conveniently located home. The apartment is completely unencumbered. Target price:42.500.000HUF. Information: +36704008010
5. ref:13853

retail For rent 1136 Budapest Tátra utca

Budapest XIII.ÚJLIPÓTVÁROS Tátra street, 23 sqm renovated business premises for rent with street entrance, which currently functions as an office. A water block has been installed, there is a windowed wash-and-shower with toilet, which requires minor renovation. Recommended, for example: for offices, sewing shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, massage salons, etc. Common cost is 8,625 HUF , water meter is available, the metered district heating fee was 6,370 HUF. The rental fee is to be paid in euros only! Rent 400 EUR + 2 months deposit +36-70-38-45-282
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