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1. ref:6047

house For sale 1121 Budapest Arató utca

Budapest XII. district in Farkasvölgy, on the 1100 sqm plot, 4-storey, 450 sqm, panoramic, renovated family house for sale. The plot is located on a hillside, on the border of a nature reserve, which can be reached from 2 streets. Approached from the bottom of the plot, closed, yard parking spaces approaching from the upper end of the plot, a 4-car garage helps with parking. The house was built by the owner for herself in 2005, in high quality, and then completely renovated in 2018. It has living room, 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms ( 2 bathroom with bathtub) 5 toilettes and many other function rooms. The living room floor is white marble. The whole house is heated by underfloor heating, above it there is a specially made wooden parquet. In the lowest storey: -wine cellar -spare bedroom, cooking slant are in a separate place -engine-room - hobby room - sauna - swimming pool - bathroom - toilette Ground floor: - kitchen - living room with panoramic - over the living roomn in galery has library/workroom - spare bedroom - bathroom - toilette First-storey: -bedrooms -bathroom 2nd-storey -bedrooms -bathroom The house has an alarm system with a solar system at the top, which provides domestic water heating and pool heating. The garden is equipped with an automatic irrigation system. There is a gas furnace heating system. Transport possibility: 59, 59A, 59B trams 53 bus. Target price:398.000.000 HUF More information: +36 20 956 1768 ГОВОРИМ ПО РУССКИ
2. ref:H 594

house For sale 1025 Budapest Csalán út

Budapest in Rózsadomb, in Csalán street 533 sqm family house for sale. It needs renewing. It can commutable to 2 320 sqm flats. The house is 3-level, panoramic, 2 balconies, 2 terraces (40 sqm, 16sqm) 7 rooms, 3 bathrooms. There are gas cirko heating system, fireplace, climate. There are 3 carports.
3. ref:H 7109

house For sale 1147 Budapest Benkő utca

Budapest, XIV. district, at Alsórákos, in a wonderful green area in Benkő street, there is a 3-storey family house with a 20sqm garage for sale. IT IS EVEN SUITABLE FOR TWO GENERATIONS! The house was built in 1939 and expanded in 1987 with the addition of a floor with a tent roof, Bramac roof tiles. All public utilities, in a sparing condition, but in need of renovation. Total living area is 168sqm, the size of the plot is 350sqm, street front is 16m wide. Lower level: 60sqm cellar. From the front garden, the two apartments have a completely separate entrance, but can also be opened together with a small reconstruction. Ground floor apartment: 2 with air conditioning, 90sqm, with rooms: hallway, 3.5 rooms, utility room, kitchen, pantry, bathroom with tub, toilet and bidet, and terrace overlooking the backyard Attic apartment: 78sqm, air conditioned. Premises: corridor, from which 3.5 rooms open, 24, 12, 11 and 10sqm, the latter two can be opened together, separate kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet + separate toilet. Balcony 8sqm, which can be accessed from the 24sqm living room. Heating by gas circulating, 2 boilers with separate meters, electricity also, water meter in common. Nearby streets are Lőcsei, Pósa Lajos and Fűrész streets. It can be reached by trolleybus 77, trams 3 and 69 and bus 32. The property is unencumbered. Sales target price: 105.000.000 HUF Information: +36-70-384-5282
4. ref:6396

house For sale 1182 Budapest Tarkő utca

Budapest, XVIII. district, in Tarkő street, there is one half of a 10 year old semi-detached house for sale. The net size of the property is 92sqm, plus a 17sqm terrace and a 16sqm heated garage. The area of the beautifully manicured garden is 150sqm. The distribution of the house is great, as each of the 4 rooms has a separate opening. Heating is provided by a circulating boiler and a fireplace on the lower level. The property is extremely sunny as it is practically sunny around. It is an ideal option even for larger families with children, as the nearby forest offers a great opportunity for recreation. The property is completely unencumbered and can be taken possession of quickly. Target price: 89.900.000 HUF Information: +36-70-400-8010
5. ref:H 591

house For sale 1112 Budapest Jégcsap utca

Budapest XI. in Jégcsap street 180 sqm, panoramic, balcony, 7 rooms family house for sale. It is on 672 sqm the plot. A thermostatic boiler ensures the home's warmth. The house needs renovation. Price 74.000.000 HUF More information +36 70 384 5305
6. ref:3920

house For sale 1047 Budapest Thaly Kálmán utca

Budapest, IV. district there is a family house on a 503m2 plot for sale! EXCELLENT INVESTMENT! The house currently has 1 apartment, which is used as an office. The rest of the house used to be a carpentry plant that is in an evacuated condition, but renovation is needed for someone to use it. In the outbuilding, 2 more small flats can be built outside the workshop. Moreover, if one thinks only in flats, it is approx. 5 smaller studio apartments can also be converted, which can be converted into approx. It can be rented out 80.000HUF/apartment. Shared in the yard, cozy, green. There is another apartment on the plot that is currently owned by another owner, this is the 2nd apartment shown on the floor plan. The owner is open to sell this apartment. Price: 50Mill.HUF Information: +36-70-384-5282, kunm@lpo.hu
7. ref:5584

house For sale 1212 Budapest Túróci Balázs u.

Csepel close to Szent István road, in Túróczi Balázs street, 27,5 sqm, 1 room, storing place, garden area flat for sale. There is a gas convector heating system. The traffic is good. More information: +36 30 708 7884